Monday, July 14, 2008

No Longer a virgin blogger

Okay, so I am just getting started with the Blogspot (thanks to Brunch at Suna's) I don't really know what to say... its a typical Monday night now that Brett is employed again... he's still working and its 9pm. Although I hate the long hours, and I think he does too, I am so thankful for a paycheck! Its crazy how your life can turn upside down when your spouse comes home and says "I was laid off".. Yikes!

Keegan and I were playing tonight and he jumped on me and flung his head back and hit me on the nose and lip! So I am sporting a lovely fat lip this evening. I look like lipo gone bad in Hollywood. And oh my- did it bleed! Poor Keegan was scared. I seriousy thought he knocked my teeth out.

So the picture reminds me of George on Seinfeld. I caught Keegan making a ton of noise in our room and he was totally jumping on our bed! Doesn't that photo remind you of that George painting in his undies???

He had so much fun playing on our bed- he had that deep giggle that went on for about a 1/2 hour... not to mention tired him out a little bit!

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Suna said...

Nice job Ally! And yeah, the picture is a bit reminiscent of George. Of course, Keegan is MUCH cuter! :)