Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bikini.. Or Bra?

Here is a card I made for my sister-in-law! How cute is this! The bikini top is the front, and the bottoms are obviously the butt or backside!

Really fun to make!!!

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Yo Yo! So this post isn't anything crafty related although I have posts I could put on here in a few days hopefully. The Olympics are killing me sleep wise! Figure Skating is my thing, has been for a long time before I got married! I miss the days of taking the pictures and being published in the magazines and hanging around with the cast. I have so many memories of those days! Seems most of my skaters are now coaching! But seeing Evan win that gold medal was AMAZING!!!! I don't think we stand a chance in the womans events but... Dance was great. Its so nice to see someone other than the Russians sweeping the podium in Ice Dance and the Mens event. I think Evgeny Plushenko is really making a name for himself and not in a good way. Very inappropriate. Evan has handed this with class and dignity. A role model for children all over the place to prove what hard word, determination and positive attitude will get you. Well deserved.

Okay- so I took a picture of Keegan after a family day on Sunday tubing and I just love it. My guy is adorable!!!! We had a lot of fun minus a mitten issue! (Don't ask!) I came bombing down the hill and ran into Keegan and Brett and wiped the tube out from under them. it was really funny!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Today's post is another CASE of Inking Idaho's blog- Becky Roberts but its so pretty!!! I LOVE these felt flowers. For 7.95 you get a lot of them! I've made a handful of cards already. Here's a close up of the flowers and leaves. It comes with other pieces as well (circles)
And here are the 2 creations with 2 different flowers. From Front to Back these 2 cards maybe took me a 1/2 hour with my 4 year old in my craft room with me (which is a recipe for disaster sometimes) Very pretty! Just add a sentiment and PRESTO!!!! Such a nice card to give to someone special!

Monday, February 15, 2010

New Creations and my Craft Space

As promised... Here are a few creations from this past weekend! These creations don't look like much but I made multiples of each. In addition, I didn't have all my supplies with me. Ideally I don't like the chocolate skinny ribbon on this card but it had to work! Also- "Tess" is totally paper pieced. I stamped "Tess" onto blush blossom, summer sun, rose red and Sweet Pea DSP and cut out each one individually! Tess is just so hip!!!!!! In person it looks awesome!!!!

The entire card! Its going to be someone special who's having surgery soon....

Then we have creations from the new stamp set "Always"... I wanted the pink to go around the card but I didn't do it right... so I ended up this way and I still like it! Its very simple but so pretty! Something about chocolate and pink together with the kraft cardstock. Such a yummy combo! I got this idea from Heather Summers site and one of her classes. Her blog is my first stop on the track to inspiration station!

This is a card I CASE'd from Mary Jo Albrights blog. I LOVE her ideas! But I especially love this one because it uses the Fox and Friends stamp set from the Mini Catalog. I think I love it because its perfect for kids... and since I have a lil' guy at home with me its perfect for him and his buddies!!!!!

Here are all 3 of my creations!!!! It takes me forever sometimes to make a card when I'm out in "public"... I do so much better when I'm at home, in my craft room... with all my supplies and let my mind go and just create. For me- its a form of therapy in this crazy hectic world we live in.

Now onto my craft room (aka OFFICE) Since I work at home typically full time as my "real" job, everything is in this little room in the house. I'm going to paint the room soon and make it more of a "girl" zone (since I live with boys!) Although I do have a pink bathroom that nobody has complained about yet! I think they secretly love it!!! Ha ha

Okay... now onto some pics!!!

Here is my new embellishment shelf! I LOVE it however it is supposed to hold ribbon.. and I have so much ribbon it won't hold it! That is in a big box in one of the shelves you'll see below. My new item is buttons! I adore them! And I don't use them like I want to either!

Here's my new little bookcase. Each of the little boxes has embellishments in them, cards, cello bags, envelopes, photos, stickers, etc... My "BIG SHOT" (my favorite!) is up on the left. Fabric is stored in the lower left bottom shelf. The 3 tiered boxes have adhesives in it, and general office supplies. without those labeled I know exactly what is in what!

Here's how the room looks when I walk in.... the photo makes it look so bright but its really more soft/subtle. And yeah- I know that red blanket really doesn't match anything but its fleece, and its cozy to wrap up in when I'm working. I got it at Target for 1.99! Cheap enough!!!

Here's my big shelf from IKEA.. its stock full of "stuff" (my husband would use a different word) My ink pads are on the top some pictures, my adhesive gun... That big basket on the floor holds all my Big Shot dies (right now!) But I need to find a new solution. You get the idea... Most of my paper, my designer paper, 3D altered items... Tons of "stuff"...

Here's a snapshot of my "Embellies Station".... and my pink lamp I got at IKEA (Love it!)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tote-"Ally" Tess

I'll be back later to upload some pics of the creations for the week! Here is Tote-Ally Tess from Stampin Up's mini catalog! I LOVE this set!!! Use it for your crafty friends... Or those hip fashionista's! It's not too exciting but I did have fun with it! I paper pieced her entireally! :) her hair, hands, shirt, pants, and bag! Oh yeah her teeth too!

Excuse the poor photo quality! I'll be back later!!!

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Quick posting tonight... a few more MDS pages of my adorable nieces Demi and Delanie... Also a card I made the other evening...



The Card:

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Digital Software

I've been a bag blogger... I'm not sure anyone reads this anyway so I have nothing to worry about! I've been taking a design class for the AMAZING new software from Stampin' Up called My Digital Software. This program is awesome! I just love it and all the things it can do! Its not one of those stock programs that has just templates in it and you drag and drop pictures.... you have complete design control but you can also do the Drag/Drop type too! It custom makes calendars, DVD's, Digital Scrapbooks to slideshows, music... you name it- it does it!!!!!

Here are a few pages I've done so far... I'm just practicing and having made a book (yet!) Prices are pretty competitive with the photo sites out there like Snapfish, Shutterfly etc except so many more options. Beautiful colors, stamps, designer paper, ribbons, buttons...

The pages below I created in less than an hour and this was just figuring out how to use it, getting used to it, and not being that saavy with my MAC yet (although I love it!) I also just went with what pics I had and tried not to fuss around with pics... but to "practice!"

Hope you enjoy!!!!