Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Digital Software

I've been a bag blogger... I'm not sure anyone reads this anyway so I have nothing to worry about! I've been taking a design class for the AMAZING new software from Stampin' Up called My Digital Software. This program is awesome! I just love it and all the things it can do! Its not one of those stock programs that has just templates in it and you drag and drop pictures.... you have complete design control but you can also do the Drag/Drop type too! It custom makes calendars, DVD's, Digital Scrapbooks to slideshows, music... you name it- it does it!!!!!

Here are a few pages I've done so far... I'm just practicing and having made a book (yet!) Prices are pretty competitive with the photo sites out there like Snapfish, Shutterfly etc except so many more options. Beautiful colors, stamps, designer paper, ribbons, buttons...

The pages below I created in less than an hour and this was just figuring out how to use it, getting used to it, and not being that saavy with my MAC yet (although I love it!) I also just went with what pics I had and tried not to fuss around with pics... but to "practice!"

Hope you enjoy!!!!

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