Monday, September 28, 2009

Mindy, Mindy, Mindy- this is for you! These pictures aren't that great and this is only a portion of my "creative" space (which is very limited!) but you'll get the general idea.

The first- these are my inkpads, pencils, buttons, stamp-a-ma-jig (very handy!) and my Stampin Up Markers. I LOVE the markers because if you don't have an ink pad of the color you need- you just use the markers!!!!! The buttons are in the little jars at the top. Under the purple stamp-a-ma-jig are my watercolor pencils. Inside the ink pad holder are random little things stashed- tiny envelopes, magnetic strips, stampin' spots etc.

Here's my little creative corner. My "little tote" is inside that awesome doctors Stampin Up bag that houses all my big shot stuff. My little tote is where I house all my MUST HAVE's in.. (BOne Folder, adhesive, trimmer, sponges etc)

Here are my organizer boxes- adhesives, and random things!!! One box has glue dots, anything that will stick to paper. The other box has supplies in it for holidays. I'm making movie kits so the other box has some candy hidden from the boys in the house!! The vertical paper holders hold magazines, business supplies and receipes etc.

Lastly- all my punches! I need to upgrade to a new basket. I got some rails for the wall but my husband has yet to put them up :( I LOVE my punches!!!

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CMOM Productions said...

Love it! Ikea is the best!!! That "doctor's bag" is pretty sweet! I'm such a craft nut. lol I wish I had my own craft room again, but I gave it up so the boys didn't have to share a room.