Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Yo Yo! So this post isn't anything crafty related although I have posts I could put on here in a few days hopefully. The Olympics are killing me sleep wise! Figure Skating is my thing, has been for a long time before I got married! I miss the days of taking the pictures and being published in the magazines and hanging around with the cast. I have so many memories of those days! Seems most of my skaters are now coaching! But seeing Evan win that gold medal was AMAZING!!!! I don't think we stand a chance in the womans events but... Dance was great. Its so nice to see someone other than the Russians sweeping the podium in Ice Dance and the Mens event. I think Evgeny Plushenko is really making a name for himself and not in a good way. Very inappropriate. Evan has handed this with class and dignity. A role model for children all over the place to prove what hard word, determination and positive attitude will get you. Well deserved.

Okay- so I took a picture of Keegan after a family day on Sunday tubing and I just love it. My guy is adorable!!!! We had a lot of fun minus a mitten issue! (Don't ask!) I came bombing down the hill and ran into Keegan and Brett and wiped the tube out from under them. it was really funny!

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